- Science Behind CYTOSYDE -


Builds up over time...Naturally Produces Serotonin

"Happiness Hormone"


Smart plant substances


“In the right combination, plants can generate potentially positive interactions.  Serofive utilizes this potential.”


Perfect effect


“In contrast to chemical products, the effect of plant extracts builds up slowly, retains its impact for a longer time and does not result in negative side effects.”


Focused on Serotonin


“The body’s own production of the substance serotonin, also called the ‘happiness hormone’, is stimulated by Serofive. Serofive succeeds in overcoming the blood/brain barrier and initiating this process.”

Serofive Circle.png

The concept of "Serofive“ deliberately tries to use non-psychotropic  components whose long-term effects on human nerves and brain cells can currently only be estimated to a limited extent. 


As a counter-concept, "Serofive“ uses precursors, i.e. precursors of hormones in the human body that are typically produced by the body‘s own metabolism and transported across the blood-brain barrier to the brain, where they then exert their corresponding effect.  


For the effects of "Serofive“ a modeling of the serotonin metabolism is necessary. In this context, the body‘s own precursor is thus converted to the body‘s own serotonin by a shift in balance (stady state), and a euphoric effect is used to lighten the mood. In addition, the natural active ingredient Gaba and the mineral selenium, which is relevant for physical health, are used to create a specific novel combination that generates the desired physiological effects.  As a further basis, the typical effects of an energy drink can be used. All components are of purely vegetable nature.